TAKEFU SAN MAI – VG10 CORE / 3 LAYER STAINLESS CLAD 60 x 3.00mm x 1000mm


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SIZE mm: 60 mm x 3.00 mm x 1000 mm
£ per 1000 mm : £145.00

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Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets clad metals using rolling mills, bonding presses, and diffusion bonding. The company was founded in 1954 and is based in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Clad or composite materials are composed of more than two kinds of dissimilar metals having high functional capabilities; the bonding process combines the advantages of each metal into one solid piece where the sum is greater than the two parts. Takefu Special Steel Co. supplies a wide variety of cutlery materials not only for household use but also for use in industrial machinery mainly to cutlery production areas both in Japan and abroad. For cutlery steels Takefu Special Steel Co ranks first in market share nationwide in Japan in the manufacture of dissimilar metal composite materials (clad materials. Takefu Special Steel Co also caters to the demands for nonferrous composite materials such as titanium, copper, aluminum, etc. Thus, besides cutlery steels, they have successfully developed a new field of industrial materials such as special metal molds, electrodes, etc.

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