CPM MagnaCut

CPM Magnacut

This product is sold in widths of 40mm , 50mm and 60mm, thickness 3.96mm . 4.65mm and 7.40mm in multiples of 305mm long. Please specify the number of lengths you require in the quantity box.

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CPM MagnaCut

CPM MagnaCut steel, specially designed and developed for knife making.

CPM MagnaCut is a stainless steel manufactured by Crucible Industries, an American company renowned for its expertise in special steels. This very special grade has been developed specifically for the cutlery industry, and to meet the needs of the most demanding cutlers.

A technical grade specially designed for demanding knife makers.

CPM MagnaCut is a stainless steel manufactured by powder metallurgy, which guarantees a fineness and purity incomparable with those of more “conventional” steels. Its composition was elaborated by Larrin Thomas, a doctor in metallurgy, well known to English-speaking knifemakers: it is indeed his very advanced studies that feed the Knife Steel Nerds blog, a reference for amateurs. Larrin Thomas wanted to develop a steel that could meet all the requirements of the knifemaker. CPM MagnaCut will meet the expectations of the most demanding, as it combines so many qualities:

  • Its toughness/edge retention ratio is exceptional
  • It is extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Fine structure, high purity
  • High hardness’ possible according to the heat treatment practice used.

CPM MagnaCut, for all types of high-end knives.

Due to its many technical qualities, CPM MagnaCut is suitable for all types of knife blades, hunting, outdoor or folding. It will be particularly interesting for the realization of blades where the cutting edge must be fine and stable, like Japanese kitchen knives.

How to reveal the potential of CPM MagnaCut ?

You can find all our advice for the heat treatment of this unique grade in its technical data sheet, which can be freely consulted and downloaded. CPM MagnaCut steel can be hardened at 1120°C for a minimum of 20 minutes. Rapid cooling, under plates or in oil, is necessary. A well conducted tempering process allows to obtain high hardnesses, which can be further increased by raising the austenitizing temperature and/or by lowering the tempering temperature.

Heat treatment and chemistry

This product is sold in widths of 40mm , 50mm and 60mm, thickness 3.96mm . 4.65mm and 7.40mm in multples of 305mm long

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40 x 3.96mm x 305mm, 50 x 3.96mm x 305mm, 60 x 3.96mm x 305mm, 40 x 4.65mm x 305mm, 50 x 4.65mm x 305mm, 60 x 4.65mm x 305mm, 50 x 7.40mm x 305mm