Stainless Knife Steels

BOHLER N690   is a conventionally produced stainless corrosion resistant knife steel with excellent edge holding capabilities. The addition of chromium and vanadium enhance edge holding capability, while cobalt and carbon help to retain high hardness. Hardens and tempers to 57-59 HRC and 60-62 HRC with deep freeze. For maximum toughness, harden and temper to 57-59 HRC. For maximum wear resistance, harden and temper to 60-62 HRC.

Stock available in 40 x 4mm and 80 x 7.40mm

is a third generation powder metal technology. Developed for knife blades requiring good corrosion resistance and very high hardness for excellent wear resistance. Chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and tungsten are added for excellent sharpness and edge retention. Can be polished to an extremely high finish. Hardens and tempers to 60-62 HRC.

Stock available in 40 x 4.30mm mm


is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications. The chemical composition provides a unique combination of properties including:

  • Excellent edge performance
  • Very high hardness
  • Good corrosion resistance

Stock available in 40 x 4mm, 60 x 2.50mm and sheets in 4mm and 2.50mm thick


 12C27M knife steel is a step up in corrosion resistance from  12C27 and the number one choice for edge applications where increased corrosion resistance is important together with high demands on edge performance and toughness.

With a hardness range of 53-59 HRC, excellent toughness and great corrosion resistance this knife steel grade is the recommended choice for kitchen knives, high-end scissors, gardening tools, professional butcher knives and fishing knives for fresh water environments.

Stock available in 60 x 2.50mm and sheets in 2.50mm thick